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BMSG FES'23 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

27/10/2023 2023-10-27 23:00:00 JaME Author: Christine

BMSG FES'23 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

New stars emerge, fresh connections are formed and old bonds evolve as BMSG celebrates its third anniversary.

© Seitaro Tanaka_BMSG
SKY-HI’s management company/record label BMSG celebrated its third anniversary recently with the second BMSG FES, a special festival featuring performances from all of BMSG’s artists and trainees. A notable difference this time around was the crowd. As BMSG FES’22 took place while COVID-19 restrictions were still in place, fans were forced to refrain from cheering or singing along. This year, they were much freer to express themselves, and it showed.

Another significant change was that this year featured eight new talents: seven members from boy group MAZZEL (excluding former “THE FIRST” finalist RAN, who appeared onstage during last year’s event), and trainee KANON, who was recruited during the audition program for MAZZEL, "MISSIONx2". This larger roster made it difficult to have one song encompassing all of the artists like 2022’s New Chapter, so instead, as the festival took place in both Tokyo and Osaka this year, the members were split into two teams, BMSG EAST and BMSG WEST, based on their hometowns.

This report covers the video made available for international fans to stream via ZAIKO, which documents the second date in Tokyo, held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on September 24th. The video runs for about four and a half hours, and it features English subtitles for the MC segments and stage banter. Tickets to watch the archive of the stream are 4,800 yen, and they will be available for purchase here until 7pm (JST) on October 31st. Ticket holders can watch the video on-demand until 11:59pm (JST) on October 31st.


Kicking off the show, BMSG EAST’s cheerful hip-hop track The Sun from the EAST had a surprisingly stoic start, with the members delivering all their lines sitting and standing almost completely still in a cluster until Aile the Shota's first line, which seemed to free them to wander and mingle. The members of BMSG WEST appeared on the stage after, mirroring the previous performance by singing fixed in place until the second verse. SKY-HI took a moment to welcome the audience to BMSG FES and introduce everyone on the stage after, before revealing who would be the first solo act up to bat.

edhiii boi

©Seitaro Tanaka_BMSG

Showing his strong faith In his label’s young talent, this year, this important role was trusted to 16 year-old rapper edhiii boi. edhiii boi is here, the punk-tinged title track from his March album, kicked off his set, with all of the other artists contributing cheers of “edhiii boi!” at key points at the beginning to encourage him before leaving the stage. Clad in a denim jacket and red and blue plaid pants and wearing coloured contacts, it was clear that edhiii boi’s personal style had undergone a transformation since his first appearance on "THE FIRST" as a shy, unassuming-looking schoolkid with a surprisingly aggressive performance style. As he ended the song, it was clear his confidence as a solo artist has grown immensely since his performance from last year’s event. In the songs that followed, edhiii boi effortlessly rattled off fast rap verses, strolling casually around the stage, punctuating key words and lines with a distinctive squeak or shout.

Even in the brief MC segments, the difference was easy to see. Before Alice in Wonderland, edhiii boi called out that the cartoon version of him that was featured in his first MV No had been transformed into a 3D character for the video playing on the screens behind him. He ran around the stage to the upbeat electronic beat, interacting with the camera like a seasoned pro.

©Satoshi Hata_BMSG

edhiii boi mentioned how much he loves the atmosphere of BMSG FES, which allows the talents to unite, which was the cue for 118, a collaboration with rapper Novel Core and BE:FIRST’s SOTA, with whom he shares the same birthday (January 18th). Both artists were still wearing the same outfits from the The Sun from the EAST music video, and SOTA’s face was mostly obscured by a hood and hat, putting the focus on his purple skeleton-printed tracksuit and giving his dancing an almost inhuman look. At the end, SOTA mentioned how miraculous it is that he and Novel Core were born on the exact same date and are the exact same age, stating that BMSG is a company full of miracles. He then welcomed two “extremely no cap” members from the company to the stage.


Another rare collaboration, ShowMinorSavage, a unit consisting of BE:FIRST’s SOTA and MANATO and singer-songwriter Aile The Shota that first formed during the audition “THE FIRST”, breezed through a quick medley of their original songs. They started with snippets of No Cap Navy and Thinkin' 'bout you and finished with the full version of the Chaki Zulu-produced SUPER ICY. Just like when they first appeared on “THE FIRST”, the members maintained a laidback and playful atmosphere, but synced their moves at key moments to add power to the performance.

Aile The Shota

©Satoshi Hata_BMSG

The lights went out, and a single star shone brightly on the screen. Dressed in all white, singer-songwriter Aile The Shota appeared, performing to the pulsing beat of Pandora, heavily backlit so only his clothing was visible most of the time. The lights came on for the retro-inspired IMA and just like edhiii boi, it was clear that his stage presence had improved since his debut, as he strode confidently around the stage, surrounded by plumes of smoke and cool blue and purple lights.

In a brief MC, he announced he’d created a new song for this year’s festival, a song that captures his feelings about BMSG, his music and the purpose his life. Titled J-POPSTAR, it expressed in very direct words his love for BMSG and his ambitious dreams for the future.

“Can you sing with me, a debut song of the future J-pop star?” He launched into his mellow city pop-inspired debut single AURORA TOKIO then, with warm orange and purple lighting and a cityscape behind him capturing the energy of the song perfectly. A huge contrast to the previous year’s festival, this time the crowd could be heard enthusiastically singing the chorus with him as they waved their arms back and forth to the beat. Aile The Shota cheered them on, asking everyone to sing along with him. He also took a moment to highlight DJ HIRORON, who was onstage with him. At the end, he mentioned he took his ear monitor off to hear the crowd, smiling warmly. After the mellow track LOVE, he took a quick bow, and the lights went out once again.

However, it soon became clear that he hadn’t left the stage when Aile The Shota’s soft voice rang out once again, singing the opening lines from YOLO, an original song he wrote and performed together with fellow contestants SHUNTO, REIKO, RUI and TAIKI — all of whom are now signed to BMSG as artists and trainees — during "THE FIRST". An important moment in the history of BMSG and all of the performers’ lives, the song received a big reaction.


©Seitaro Tanaka_BMSG

RUI was left alone on the stage at the end. He addressed the audience briefly before launching into his collaboration with fellow trainee KANON, The Voice. The mellow, sombre R&B ballad highlighted their growth as singers, and also the differences between their styles as performers. RUI was warm and earnest, while KANON, wearing blue contacts, had a certain icy intensity about him that added refreshing contrast to the track coupled with his distinctive low singing voice.

©Seitaro Tanaka_BMSG

Next up was another teen trainee, TAIKI. Despite his boyish appearance, TAIKI has many years of experience performing in rap battles, and he came out swinging with his aggressive single KARATE KID. After his powerful performance, all three trainees took a moment to introduce themselves before introducing the company’s fourth and final trainee, REIKO.


©Seitaro Tanaka_BMSG

Beginning with the funky No More, REIKO’s set highlighted the progress he has made in finding his own voice since “THE FIRST”. REIKO was introduced during “THE FIRST” as a contestant with a can-do attitude and a strong voice but no dance training. While he advanced to the final round of the audition, it was eventually decided that he was not ready to debut just yet, and he was offered a trainee position instead. When BMSG began working on its second boy group, which later turned out to be MAZZEL, it was assumed that REIKO would be among its members. However, it was revealed in 2022 that while fellow trainee RAN had been chosen to join the group, REIKO had opted to take another path. After another funky dance track, REIKO introduced the two dancers performing with him and explained that he had a new song produced by Matt Cab prepared for the occasion. Fans may recall that Matt Cab was one of the producers who worked with the contestants from “THE FIRST” during the first creative screening, where the song YOLO was created.

©Satoshi Hata_BMSG

A catchy and mellow love song, BUTTERFLY highlighted REIKO’s powerful voice and likeable onstage persona. The song ended with a finger heart and REIKO reminding the audience of the promise he made at the previous festival, saying now was the time to make it a reality. The dancers left the stage and RAN appeared for a performance of Just FUN’ky, the upbeat original song the two friends wrote and performed together during the second creativity screening of “THE FIRST”. The chemistry between them was easy to see as they traded lines and danced together.

The lights went out again, and then a red glow enveloped the venue. Wasting no time, rapper Novel Core arrived on the stage in a studded leather jacket and baggy, heavily ripped jeans, saying that he had prepared a new song to celebrate BE:FIRST’s Mainstream topping the charts.

Novel Core

©Satoshi Hata_BMSG

Novel Core started the song off with an aggressive rap, but when BE:FIRST’s RYOKI and SHUNTO popped up it suddenly became clear this was not a solo song but a brand new collaboration. The new song's title MF stands for both “misfit” and “middle finger”, and the three men give a fittingly in-your-face performance.

After RYOKI and SHUNTO left the stage, Novel Core was joined by his backing band THE WILL RABBITS. The live band added a more rock and roll energy to his performance than his set at the last festival. He remarked at the size of the venue and the audience before launching into the anthemic WAGAMAMA MONDAIJI, wandering around different areas of the stage and encouraging everyone to clap along to the punchy rock track. He took a moment to introduce the band members then, with each playing a quick solo as fans clapped along to the beat. The track highlighted his earnest yet somewhat bratty charm before Imaginative Fantasista, which showed off his showmanship.

Next up was BYE BYE, his first single with THE WILL RABBITS. The upbeat and catchy rock track saw him run eagerly around the stage while fans swirled their towels in the air. It was a strong showcase of some of Novel Core’s best qualities as a performer, including his impressive energy level and boyish playfulness. Next up was HAPPY TEARS, which saw Aile The Shota summoned back to the stage. Still clad in all white, he provided a striking contrast both visually and with his soft singing and mellow presence against Novel Core’s spirited rapping.

When Aile The Shota left the stage, Novel Core explained that he does not see himself as a senior to BE:FIRST or MAZZEL, but as a comrade with the same mission. He stated that he feels like the reason he was chosen as the first artist to debut from BMSG is that, when SKY-HI’s dreams come true, he will be there to tell everyone that he hasn’t changed since the beginning. “I want to make his dreams come true. How about you?” The fans cheered.

The set was ended with THANKS, ALL MY TEARS, an emotional track about continuing to persevere through painful times to build something worthwhile. He sang with conviction, seemingly fueled by seeing how far BMSG has come in three short years.


©Seitaro Tanaka_BMSG

Next up was another surprise collaboration – one many fans had likely been eagerly awaiting since the event was announced: BMSG’s two boy groups, BE:FIRST and MAZZEL. They performed Be Free, a song that was used in both of their audition programs. The members mingled freely around the stage, trading lines in small groups before everyone gathered together to perform the choreography at the end. They separated for a quick MC where the members of BE:FIRST called each other out playfully for forgetting to sing some of their parts and praised MAZZEL as “honour students” for faithfully delivering all of theirs. They had a lighthearted talk together before MAZZEL left the stage.

SHUNTO said it wouldn’t be right to do one song and leave, so they would do one more. The aggressive rock track Brave Generation showcased BE:FIRST’s hunger to reach even higher heights, and this was further hammered home by LEO’s comment as the beginning of the remix version of the song stated to play: “The times constantly change by repeating many things. But from now on is our time! Go, BMSG!”. Novel Core appeared then, kicking off the remix, followed by edhiii boi like on the recording. However, this year brought a fresh twist: new verses from trainees KANON, TAIKI and RUI, as well as REIKO and RAN, which led into a verse from all of the members of MAZZEL, giving them a warm welcome to the family. SKY-HI made his first appearance in nearly two hours then, proudly displaying a “23” printed on his jacket representing the 23 talents now part of BMSG, before they all brought the song to its conclusion together. This was a huge change from the previous BMSG FES, which featured SKY-HI and his music prominently for the first hour, as the event was still relying heavily on his name to draw in fans. SKY-HI took some time to speak to the audience about the differences from last year’s festival then, mentioning that KANON was in the audience for BMSG FES’22 and he was acting as the MC for the talk session this year.

Reading from a folder, KANON introduced a talking point, “Stories from eating out with colleagues during BMSG Communication Month”. SKY-HI explained the concept to the audience then. “Communication Month” is a system BMSG offers that encourages artists who joined the company at different times to go out for meals together. BMSG reimburses the talents for their meals, encouraging them to get to know people they haven’t hung out with before. One of the most interesting stories from the talk was that Novel Core learned after going out to eat with MAZZEL member EIKI that he was a hardcore OUTER (Novel Core fan) who knew his songs better than he did.

As the talk wrapped up, KANON was left alone on the stage. He dramatically recounted the tale of the first appearance of BMSG ALLSTARS, leading into a performance of New Chapter. However, this version brought a subtle change. As Novel Core was the only artist in BMSG without dance training, he stepped aside before the dance portion during the previous festival. Since he has been working on learning to dance recently, he was able to join the rest of the artists in performing the choreography this year.


©Satoshi Hata_BMSG

Then, it was time for BMSG’s second boy group MAZZEL to make an impression. Their set began with the aggressive, Latin-inspired LIGHTNING, which is lent an explosive energy by RYUKI's enthusiastic rapping. Up next was the theme song of the audition show “MISSIONx2”, MISSION. The dramatic track highlighted the members’ expressiveness, as they were bathed in red light singing, rapping and shouting out their lines with conviction. The song was punctuated with a jump kick from SEITO at the climax. They lightened the mood with CAME TO DANCE next, strolling around the stage with bright smiles on their faces. One thing that was particularly noticeable was the improvement of TAKUTO’s vocals. A former professional back-up dancer, TAKUTO mentioned during “MISSIONx2” that he had been too embarrassed by his inexperience as a vocalist to even submit a recording of his singing for his audition, relying completely on his dance video to pass the initial screening. It was moving to see the progress from his tentative first vocal performance on the show

In a short MC segment, KAIRYU and SEITO reminisced about watching last year’s BMSG FES from the crowd, and NAOYA and HAYATO revealed that they were there as well with KANON. They marvelled at the fact that all of them were able to perform on the stage of such a large event, with EIKI thanking SKY-HI and BMSG for making it possible.

Next up was Fantasy, a mellow love song used during MAZZEL’s audition. As the members performed it in competing teams during the show, it was the first time for many fans to see it performed by the eight official members of MAZZEL together. Then came the group’s jazzy debut single Vivid, which highlighted KAIRYU’s powerful voice and RAN’s expressive dancing.


©Satoshi Hata_BMSG

The lights went out and a deep voice boomed out over the speakers, introducing the next song, SOS, which was not from MAZZEL but from BE:FIRST. The mellow, sensual song highlighted BE:FIRST’s growth as vocalists, and it transitioned smoothly into the alluring Betrayal Game. Dark blue lights, underwater sounds and the ticking of a clock led into the romantic R&B track Softly, performed by JUNON, LEO, RYUHEI and MANATO. Swaying and circling their arms around their mic stands, BE:FIRST’s quieter members had the audience under a spell. Next up was the Japanese remix of Jonas Blue’s Don’t Wake Me Up, which is a somewhat bittersweet song but a great choice for the audience to sing and jump along to in a festival setting.

Then it was time for an MC break, where SHUNTO talked about his neon green hair glowing in the dark and introduced the next song, Message. Unlike many previous performances of Message, the members stood still for this mellow acoustic version of the song, looking out at the crowd and giving the vocals their all. There was a brief moment of silence before the opening of BE:FIRST’s hit Bye-Good-Bye started to play. Despite the many times they’ve performed the bittersweet song, each performance is made unique by fun interactions, and it received a loud cheer. It was followed by the group’s pre-debut single Shining One, a once challenging song they now perform with impressive confidence and plenty of fun improvisations.

Next came their ending theme for “Baki Hanma”, Salvia, which drew a strong response. It was time to get aggressive then, as RYOKI, SOTA and SHUNTO performed their hip-hop track Spin!, hitting the audience with forceful rapping and plenty of attitude. RYOKI was clearly in his element, screaming and tearing all around the stage. The cocky tone continued with Milli-Billi, which showcased their dance ability and swagger. The set ended with the upbeat retro-inspired dance tune Boom Boom Back.


©Satoshi Hata_BMSG

The ending of Boom Boom Back transitioned smoothly to the opening of SKY-HI's Crown Clown as blue lights turned on and his backing band was revealed on the stage. It was finally time for the boss to make his move. Accompanied by dance team BFQ and sporting a bleached blonde half ponytail and a black jumpsuit, he radiated confidence with each repetition of "I'm your boss, SKY-HI."

SKY-HI’s playfulness was on full display during Happy Boss Day. Dramatic highlighted his seemingly inexhaustible energy, with plenty of dancing. After his aggressive opening theme for “Baki Hanma”, Sarracenia, the venue was bathed in blue light and SKY-HI took a moment to thank everyone for supporting BMSG. He asked for permission to brag about his best quality as an entrepreneur, his ability to let others help him. He gave a passionate speech about how others may view BMSG as him helping other artists, but that they are the ones who are helping him. “I’ll be it, I’ll become the most helped man in the world! Everyone, help me!” He shouted, laughing after the crowd reacted with a cheer.

He promised to pay the fans back for their help with music, launching into the fast-paced rap from Turn Up. A portion of the dark Nani-sama followed next, accompanied by elegant dancing from BFQ. Then came a dramatic rendition of To The First, the memorable theme song from “THE FIRST”. MISSION, the aggressive theme from “MISSIONx2” was a fitting follow-up, and the band arrangement gave It a fresh twist. SKY-HI brought MAZZEL onto the stage right before the dance break, and he and the members traded lines and danced together, with SKY-HI and SEITO even performing the jump kick side by side. He took a moment at the end to introduce MAZZEL to the audience once again, hyping up their new single Carnival and its music video.

©Seitaro Tanaka_BMSG

As MAZZEL's members were leaving the stage, he stopped RYUKI, claiming he’s the “natural-born rapper” he’s been longing for. He mentioned the criticism idols who rap often take from more traditional hip-hop artists, saying that they’ll show them they’re still rappers. They launched into Name Tag then, with BE:FIRST’s RYOKI suddenly joining after RYUKI’s verse. SKY-HI sang each chorus, welcoming TAIKI and edhiii boi then Novel Core to join in as well before dropping his own verse. Continuing the aggressive tone was Tiger Style, which featured BE:FIRST’s JUNON and LEO, Aile The Shota and a surprise new addition this year, MAZZEL’s TAKUTO, as he is also born in the year of the tiger. Like the three other artists featured on Tiger Style, TAKUTO is known for being somewhat mellow and reserved, with a sweet singing voice, so the performance was a rare opportunity for fans to see him rapping and dancing with a more aggressive edge.

SKY-HI's collaboration with RUI, TAIKI and edhiii boi, 14th Syndrome, was up next. The performance featured props that called back to the song's MV, including a rack of shoes and a couch, and it also added a new verse from KANON. REIKO and BE:FIRST’s youngest member RYUHEI also appeared as guests, dancing along with their friends from "THE FIRST". At the end, RYUHEI mentioned that he’d been dying to join this group and SKY-HI remarked that RYUHEI was the “hidden 14th” (he was also 14 years old when the song was released), promising he can write a verse for next year’s version. Next came One More Day with REIKO, which brought surprise verses from MAZZEL’s RAN, SEITO and KAIRYU, who all spent months learning alongside REIKO as trainees before “MISSIONx2” and their debut. It was a moving moment, and REIKO teared up as each member sang facing towards him.

All of the artists returned to the stage for the grand finale, D.U.N.K., which gave the boys a chance to show off their individual dance styles, including some impressive breakdancing from SEITO. While experienced dancers like SEITO, SOTA and RAN jumping in was a given, the infectious, open atmosphere encouraged even members like RUI and JUNON to try their hand. At the end of the song, the credits started to roll and SKY-HI introduced everyone again and said that was it for BMSG FES’23 and they’d see everyone next year.

While that would have still been a strong finish, it turned out to be a lie, as there was one final surprise. The Sun from the EAST started to play, leading into a special mashup of BMSG EAST and BMSG WEST’s songs that finally gave fans the epic "battle" that was teased in their music videos. Filled with fun little choreographed bits as well as improvised moments, this special collaboration showed the full potential of BMSG’s approach. It allowed the artists to interact freely, showcasing what they each bring to the table while also highlighting the strengths of their bonds with each other. It was a truly fitting end for a massive event full of satisfying surprises. After seeing this show, one can only begin to imagine what BMSG FES’24 will look like.

Set list

01.The Sun from the EAST/BMSG EAST
02.The Moon in the WEST/BMSG WEST
03. edhiii boi is here/edhiii boi
04. Flower/edhiii boi
05. Alice in Wonderland/edhiii boi
06. 118/ edhiii boi, SOTA (BE:FIRST), Novel Core
07. No Cap Navy/ShowMinorSavage
08. Thinkin’ bout you/ShowMinorSavage
09. SUPER ICY/ShowMinorSavage
10. Pandora/Aile The Shota
11. IMA/Aile The Shota
12. J-POPSTAR/Aile The Shota  
13. AURORA TOKIO/Aile The Shota
14. LOVE/Aile The Shota
15. YOLO -You Only Live Once-/Aile The Shota, SHUNTO (BE:FIRST), REIKO, RUI, TAIKI
16. The Voice/RUI, KANON
18. No More/REIKO
19. Kessen wa Kinyoubi/REIKO
23. Metafiction/Novel Core
25. Imaginative Fantasista/Novel Core
27.HAPPY TEARS/Novel Core, Aile The Shota
30. Brave Generation/BE:FIRST
31. Brave Generation -Remix-/BMSG ALLSTARS
32. New Chapter/BMSG ALLSTARS
36. Fantasy/MAZZEL
37. Vivid/MAZZEL
39. Betrayal Game/BE:FIRST
40. Softly/BE:FIRST
41. Don’t Wake Me Up/BE:FIRST
42. Message -Acoustic Ver.-/BE:FIRST
43. Bye-Good-Bye/BE:FIRST
44. Shining One/BE:FIRST
45. Salvia/BE:FIRST
46. Spin! /BE:FIRST
47. Milli-Billi/BE:FIRST
48. Boom Boom Back/BE:FIRST
49. Crown Clown/SKY-HI
50. Happy Boss Day/SKY-HI
51. Dramatic/SKY-HI
52. Sarracenia/SKY-HI
53. Turn Up/SKY-HI
54. Nani-sama/SKY-HI
55. To The First/SKY-HI
57. Name Tag/SKY-HI, Novel Core, RYOKI (BE:FIRST), RYUKI (MAZZEL), edhiii boi, TAIKI
58. Tiger Style/SKY-HI, Aile The Shota, JUNON (BE:FIRST), LEO (BE:FIRST), TAKUTO (MAZZEL)
59. 14th Syndrome/SKY-HI, RUI, TAIKI, edhiii boi, RYUHEI (BE:FIRST), KANON
61. D.U.N.K./SKY-HI
62. EAST x WEST mashup cypher/BMSG EAST, BMSG WEST

A video featuring digest footage from the event can be viewed below.

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SKY-HI and Nippon TV Partner to Deliver D.U.N.K. Project on YouTube

English-subtitled previews of SKY-HI and Nippon TV's music and dance project "D.U.N.K." will be premiered weekly starting this month.

NAQT VANE to Live Stream First Ever Fan Event © NAQT VANE. All rights reserved.


NAQT VANE to Live Stream First Ever Fan Event

NAQT VANE's first ever fan event "Greetings from NAQT VANE" will be live streamed worldwide on May 20th.

Walküre FINAL LIVE TOUR 2023 ~Last Mission~ Global Viewing Event in Cinemas © 2023 BIGWEST/MACROSS DELTA PROJECT. All rights reserved.


Walküre FINAL LIVE TOUR 2023 ~Last Mission~ Global Viewing Event in Cinemas

The final performance from “Tactical Sound Unit” Walküre's "SANKYO presents Walküre FINAL LIVE TOUR 2023 ~Last Mission~" will be streamed in cinemas around the world on June 4th.

H.U.G First Showcase ONE-MAN Live

Live Report Exclusive

H.U.G First Showcase ONE-MAN Live "SHOWCASE01" at Spotify O-WEST

Ex-D'ESPAIRSRAY guitarist Kayru's new band H.U.G held its energetic first one-man at Spotify O-WEST on March 24th.

HOLOSTARS VTubers Cover Green Leaves'


HOLOSTARS VTubers Cover Green Leaves' "YATTA!"

To celebrate April Fools' Day, members from both the English and Japanese branches of HOLOSTARS teamed up for a special cover of Green Leaves' "YATTA!".


Live Report Exclusive

MORRIE "Flesh Odyssey" at Tokyo Kinema Club

MORRIE celebrated his "birthday of the flesh" at Tokyo Kinema Club, with faithful fans also watching worldwide via live stream.


Live Report Exclusive


Visual rock met diva pop at Luv PARADE’s PANDEMONIUM tour final in Tokyo.

H.U.G to Live Stream First One-Man Worldwide © H.U.G. All rights reserved.


H.U.G to Live Stream First One-Man Worldwide

Rock band H.U.G will be live streaming their first one-man show worldwide on March 24th.

BE:FIRST 1st One Man Tour “BE:1” 2022-2023 © Seitaro Tanaka

Live Report Exclusive

BE:FIRST 1st One Man Tour “BE:1” 2022-2023

With their first arena performance, BE:FIRST celebrate an important milestone and prepare to take their next step forward.

Luv PARADE to Live Stream


Luv PARADE to Live Stream "Tour PANDEMONIUM" Final

Session band Luv PARADE will be live streaming the final date of their "Tour PANDEMONIUM" worldwide via ZAIKO on March 8th.

MORRIE to Live Stream Birthday Concert © MORRIE. All rights reserved.


MORRIE to Live Stream Birthday Concert

MORRIE's birthday show will be live streamed internationally via ZAIKO on March 4th.

BOOGEY VOXX to Disband © BOOGEY VOXX. All rights reserved.


BOOGEY VOXX to Disband

“Virtual undead” unit BOOGEY VOXX will be ending their activities as a duo after a final performance on March 6th, and they made a surprise appearance during Mori Calliope's 3D showcase last night.

Hikaru Utada Releases


Hikaru Utada Releases "40 Dai-Wa-Iroiro" Performance on Streaming Platforms

Audio and video from Hikaru Utada's intimate 40th birthday event "40 Dai-Wa-Iroiro♫" is now available for streaming on digital platforms worldwide.

BE:FIRST to Stream First Arena Performance Worldwide © BMSG. All rights reserved.


BE:FIRST to Stream First Arena Performance Worldwide

With their first new song of 2023 "Boom Boom Back" out today, boy group BE:FIRST have announced their first arena performance will be streamed worldwide on February 24th.

THE LAST ROCKSTARS to Livestream Hollywood Concert Worldwide © THE LAST ROCKSTARS. All rights reserved.


THE LAST ROCKSTARS to Livestream Hollywood Concert Worldwide

THE LAST ROCKSTARS will be livestreaming the final date of their debut tour, featuring all-female rock band BAND-MAID as their opening act, on February 10th.

The Shamisenists to Live Stream


The Shamisenists to Live Stream "The Last Session to be Reborn" Concert

Alternative shamisen rock band The Shamisenists will be live streaming the release event for their latest album "PLAY!" on February 3rd.

HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- to Debut Four New Members © COVER Corp. All rights reserved.


HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- to Debut Four New Members

Four new members from English-speaking male VTuber group HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- will debut on January 7th.