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LUNA SEA 30th anniversary LIVE -Story of the ten thousand days- at Nippon Budokan Day 2

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At the climax of their 30th anniversary show, LUNA SEA further delighted the fans by announcing two "LUNATIC X’MAS 2019" concerts.

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The second live of LUNA SEA’s two consecutive 30th anniversary shows was held on June 1st. After the lights blacked out, the fans cheered when special footage of memorable moments from the band’s career appeared on the stage screens. Finally, the five members walked onto the stage.

The band started the show with LOVELESS. The beautiful unison of the sounds coming from SUGIZO’s triple-necked guitar and INORAN’s acoustic guitar immediately created a solemn, yet mystical ambience. As Shinya’s drum shots and J’s bass line heated up the fans, RYUICHI’s voice communicated the song’s timeless message. After the song, INORAN took center stage and played the intro for the next song, TONIGHT. J’s shout ignited the fans, and the exhilarating band sounds blasted out from the stage. INORAN and SUGIZO’s shredding guitar playing thrilled the fans, and the two guitarists actually high-fived during the songs. RYUICHI grasped the fans with his indescribably powerful vocals, and he encouraged them to shout out along with him. Already at the second song, the collision of the energy from the band and their fans created an impressive sense of unity. Shinya threw away his drum sticks at the end of the song.

“We missed you! This is our 30th anniversary. It is a miracle that the five of us encountered and played music together onstage for such a long period of time. LUNA SEA is a live band, and we would like to exchange more energy with you,” RYUICHI said. Red stage lights illuminated the venue, and the band started to play Rouge. SUGIZO's relentless guitar riffs were backed by the hard-hitting bass and drum sounds, which set the fans on fire. The audience responded to RYUICHI's remark before the song by singing along with him and also by surrendering to the groove, edginess, and high sound pressure of the song. The band continued to delight the fans by consecutively performing their classic songs END OF SORROW and TRUE BLUE.

“Are you watching 'Gundam'? SUGIZO is the music director for its 40th anniversary project. There is a haunting feel to this animated series that relates well with the sense of darkness LUNA SEA had in the past. We enjoyed the song production process a lot,” RYUICHI said. Then, the band started to play Sora no Uta〜Higher and Higher〜, which is featured as the opening theme of "Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin". The band created a cosmic soundscape while laser stage lights beamed out all over the venue. Under the sparkling lights of the mirror ball, RYUICHI’s glamorous vocals and SUGIZO’s superb guitar playing launched the fans into space.

During the transition to the next song, FACE TO FACE, INORAN moved to the percussion area, and he played the drum intro along with Shinya. J executed his heavy bass line while flames simultaneously rose from the stage. SUGIZO also powerfully stroked his guitar as he head banged to the rhythm of the bass and drums, and RYUICHI sang with a haunting and frenzied voice. After surprising the fans with a newly-arranged version of the song, Shinya and J left the stage.

Afterwards, INORAN took up an acoustic guitar and SUGIZO manned the violin for a special presentation of RAIN. At the beginning, SUGIZO intoxicated the fans with his mellifluous violin melody, occasionally striking a dramatic pose. The mellow strumming of INORAN’s acoustic guitar accompanied RYUICHI's lyrical singing perfectly. The trio vividly expressed a feeling of solitary longing on a rainy day, and then they too left the stage.

The show continued with Shinya’s drum solo. The voices of amazed fans rose up when they saw the four guest musicians playing Japanese flutes, drums and percussion instruments. Shinya played the drums delicately, as if he was dedicating his music to something sacred. The solemn ensemble the five players created surely communicated the passion at the core of the music. The fans shouted out the drummer's name as he played the fierce beats towards the end. “You guys are so cool!” Shinya thanked the fans at the end.

Later, J returned to the stage for his bass solo. His soul-shaking bass playing immediately fired up the fans on the floor. At his call, the fans shouted at the top of their lungs. “Give me everything you got!” J fascinated the fans with his boldness and openness, which were both embodied in the sound of his bass and his stage presence. “It looks so great from here! Let’s give everything we've got with all of our 30 years! Are you ready!? One, two, three, four!” The rest of the band members stormed onto the stage after J’s countdown for BLUE TRANSPARENCY. During the killer number, the members freely moved around the stage, which was surrounded by the fans, and enjoyed interacting with them.

“Our 30th anniversary has just started. Let’s continue to fulfill more dreams together,” RYUICHI said. Then, I for You started. Each note of the classic song was embraced lovingly by every fan in the venue. At the end of song, RYUICHI turned around and waved his hands to the fans. After, BLACK AND BLUE’s funky rhythm and groove filled the venue with a festive atmosphere. The fans sang and waved their hands left and right to the song. Next, IN MY DREAM drew the band and the fans even closer. SUGIZO shook hands with the fans in the front row, while INORAN played his guitar while leaning into the crowd.

TIME IS DEAD!” RYUICHI’s shouted, provoking the fans. The vocalist struck the fans with his enormously energetic singing voice in the midst of the electrifying guitar riffs and drum beats. “Next song, ROSIER!” The fans poured out their emotions at RYUICHI’s call. SUGIZO’s ascending guitar solo and J’s rebellious vocal interlude pushed the audience to the limit. Towards the end of the song, RYUICHI stirred up the fans in each area of the venue before joining them for the final burst of the song.

During the encore, the flashing lights of the fans’ cell phones lit the venue as if they were stars at night. “Thank you everyone. It feels like we are in the universe. We have one more new song for you,” RYUICHI said. Hisoubi, which is another theme song from "Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin", started to play. With its haunting melody, and also with beautiful scenes from the song’s music video being projected both on the stage screens and the floor, the band vividly expressed the tenderness, loneliness, and determination of the main character of the animation.

After the member introduction, RYUICHI spoke about the band’s new album. The release is co-produced by Grammy award-winning music producer Steve Lillywhite, who has worked with artists such as U2 and The Rolling Stones. “Our new album will be released this December. We will open up a new horizon. Please look forward to our spectacular soundscape,” RYUICHI said, filling the fans with anticipation. Later, the band and the audience celebrated LUNA SEA's 30th anniversary and their bright future together during WISH. Golden confetti exploded from the rafters and fell across the arena at the start, and the fans joyfully sang along during the climax.

“We will hold LUNATIC X’MAS 2019 on December 21st and 22nd in SAITAMA SUPER ARENA. We have received so much support from you for 30 years. There was Final Act. There were twists and turns. But, after everything we went through, we still keep aiming even higher. We will take you to a new world,” RYUICHI proclaimed. The band closed the show with FOREVER & EVER, leaving the fans with a feeling of assurance.

After the last song, the piano version of MOTHER started to play. “Let us become one,” RYUICHI said, and the five members stood side-by-side and held each others' hands at center stage. The fans also took the hands of those seated next to them. Finally, everyone in the venue jumped up at RYUICHI’s call. “I love you all! Bye bye!” RYUICHI thanked the fans. “Thank you for 30 years! Let’s go full throttle together from now on! Please pass our gratitude on to those who were not here in this venue this time. See you in December!” J bade farewell. SUGIZO took a long bow at the center and left the stage at the end as the fans’ ovation filled the venue.

Set list

03. Rouge
06. Sora no Uta〜Higher and Higher〜
08. RAIN
Drum Solo (Ran Jo) & Bass Solo
10. I for You


01. Hisoubi
02. Déjàvu
03. WISH

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