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New Digital EP from NOILION

29/03/2023 2023-03-29 00:32:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Christine

New Digital EP from NOILION

"ELEMENTS", the final installment in TeddyLoid-produced creator trio NOILION's EP trilogy, is out on digital platforms worldwide now.

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NOILION released the final installment of their EP trilogy, ELEMENTS, on March 22nd.

The concept of the trilogy is “Live On in the Noisy World”. The first EP of the trilogy, Digital Mask, was about “noticing” the noise and distortion of living in a digital society, while CHAINS aimed to convey a message to those trying to move forward while struggling against it. With ELEMENTS, the final EP, NOILION seek to "overcome the noise and distortion and express a new world beyond them through the five elements of nature: earth, wind, fire, water and void". The EP aims to “highlight the importance of human connections, organic elements, the origin of life, and the origin of humanity”.

ELEMENTS also marks NOILION’s first EP to feature guest artists. Track 1, Magma Karma, features AUTTA, a young rapper from Thailand. In addition, track 3, Blue, features NOILION’s labelmate MindaRyn, a Thai anisong singer.

Links to download and stream the EP on various online music platforms are available here.

A music video for Aerial, the lead song of ELEMENTS, has also been released on NOILION’s official YouTube channel.

NOILION vocalist LIO commented:

"We are thrilled to announce the release of the final installment of NOILION’s EP trilogy. With the first two EPs, we aimed to express our desire to preserve the raw, analog emotions that define our humanity, even in today’s world where we often move between reality and the virtual realm. The third EP, ELEMENTS, focuses on the five elements that make up the universe: earth, water, fire, wind, and void. Each track on the EP represents one of these elements and is closely tied to NOILION’s main theme of 'regaining our humanity amidst the increasing noise and distortion in digital communication'. We poured our hearts into creating this EP and hope that our listeners can feel the emotions that we've expressed through our music and visuals."

DJ KILLIT commented:

"The long-awaited release of our 3rd EP, which blends a variety of genres, is finally here. We have created not only great music but also an amazing music video, so please check it out. We are also looking forward to meeting everyone at our live shows both domestically and internationally."

VJ REAK commented:

"Our third EP has a different vibe from the first two and features many songs that evoke the grandeur and the power of nature, leading us towards a positive future.

In the music video for Aerial, the transparent visuals gently envelope our hearts, while Blue showcases poetic imagery that seems to melt into the water, and the visualizers of Magma Karma loop through a powerful 3D space. We hope you will enjoy NOILION’s videos, which were created and refined by a diverse group of video creators."

Sound producer TeddyLoid commented:

"Our goal was to create a dynamic sound befitting the conclusion of our trilogy.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with AUTTA and MindaRyn, both talented artists from Thailand, to create songs that transcend national borders in Asia.

Through this collaboration, we are excited to see what changes the future holds for NOILION."

Watch the music video for Aerial and the visualizer for Blue feat. MindaRyn below:

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