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First Album from SG

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First Album from SG

Singer-songwriter/YouTuber SG's first album "FINALE" is out on digital platforms worldwide now, and he has also announced a new partnership with LDH Records.

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Singer-songwriter/YouTuber SG ("SOGYON") released his first album on March 22nd.

FINALE features 16 tracks, including songs from his “#SGproject”, which saw him release a number of consecutive collaboration singles with artists from various countries and scenes. Artists who participated in the project include brother unit Suzukisuzuki, rappers Novel Core, Rude-α and Rinne Yoshida and singer-songwriter Aile The Shota.

Links to download and stream the album on various music platforms are available here

SG also recently announced that he has formed a new label called SUPERGENIUS Entertainment in partnership with LDH Records and that he will be making his major debut this summer.

Half Japanese and half Korean and originally hailing from South Korea, SG has also attracted attention for covers of popular songs on his YouTube channel featuring his own Japanese and Korean lyric translations. He stated that he is hoping this partnership with LDH will allow him to expand his activities globally and help him become a free artist who can one day write a worldwide anthem like We Are The World.

The music videos for SENKO feat. Aile The Shota and Danshari feat. Riria. can be viewed below, followed by a teaser for FINALE. Turn on captions to watch the music videos with English, Korean or romaji subtitles.

 Download or stream "FINALE"
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