New Album from H-el-ical//

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New Album from H-el-ical//

Ex-Kalafina vocalist Hikaru//'s solo project H-el-ical// will release its first full-length album on June 29th.

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H-el-ical//, the solo project of ex-Kalafina vocalist Hikaru//, will release a new album on June 29th.

Kaihouku will be available in two editions, both containing twelve songs. These include all title tracks from H-el-ical//'s four singles to date, as well as two B-sides. It also features an English-language version of pulsation from the project's self-titled debut mini-album.

Kaihouku's five original tracks include Rasen no mayu, composed by singer-songwriter Kayoko Kusano and co-produced by Kishida Kyodan of THE Akeboshi Rockets; and Ambient Border, the theme song for a play of the same name by theatre troupe Creative Company Colors in which Hikaru// will appear.

The trailer for Kaihouku can be watched below, along with the music video for the Japanese-language version of pulsation.


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