New Album from Rakshasa

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New Album from Rakshasa

'Japanesque metal' band Rakshasa's second full-length album - the first to feature keyboardist YUCCA - drops on February 10th.

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'Japanesque metal' band Rakshasa will release a new album on February 10th.

Hyakkasousei will be the band's second full-length album, coming four years on from their 2017 debut effort Rikudo Rasetsu. It will contain ten tracks, which will be their first studio recordings to feature new keyboardist YUCCA. She joined in 2018, and also recently joined the line-up of Rakshasa frontwoman Yuri's revived power metal band Pinkish Crown.

Rakshasa was formed in 2015 by KIKKA of 'elegiac black metal' band Ethereal Sin. Ex-Albion vocalist Yuri joined in 2016. As it happens, YUCCA became a member of KIKKA's 'melodic battle death metal' band Wirbelwind last year.

The music video for Hitomigoku from Rakshasa's 2018 EP Yushuroku - Tsukiyomi can be watched below.


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