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JaME's Visual Kei Playlist © JaME. All rights reserved.

Special Exclusive

JaME's Visual Kei Playlist

Get a taste of what the visual kei scene has to offer with our team's latest Spotify playlist.

JaME's Rain Playlist © JaME


JaME's Rain Playlist

Get through the rainy spring weather with some new music from our team's latest Spotify playlist.

JaME’s Anime Theme Playlists #1 & 2 © l-aeticia@deviantART /


JaME’s Anime Theme Playlists #1 & 2

Members of the JaME team have put together two Spotify playlists packed with memorable anime opening and ending themes.

JaME's Christmas Playlist © JaME


JaME's Christmas Playlist

Get into a festive mood with our team's Christmas Spotify playlist.

JaME's Winter Playlist © JaME


JaME's Winter Playlist

The JaME team has put together a Spotify playlist packed with songs that capture the spirit of the winter season.