New Digital Single from TYOSiN

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New Digital Single from TYOSiN

Rapper/singer-songwriter TYOSiN released a preceding digital single from his next EP today.

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Rapper/singer-songwriter TYOSiN released a new digital single today.

Shousatsu is said to be a preview of his upcoming EP Cinema, which was created in collaboration with DJ and producer G4CH4. The song has a rap-rock sound, with lyrics that capture TYOSiN's current state.

The photo of TYOSiN featured on the cover was taken by Odagiri Raku (Healthy Cream), who also handled the music videos for his recent singles The night and 13’s.

Links to download and stream Shousatsu on various music platforms are available here

Shousatsu can be streamed below, followed by the music video for The night and digest footage from a listening party TYOSiN held for the Cinema EP on his birthday, October 13th.

 Download or stream "Shousatsu"

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