New Digital Single from FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE

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New Digital Single from FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE

Boy group FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE's latest digital single "It's all good", the theme song for drama series “around 1/4”, is out now.

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Boy group FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE released a new digital single on September 22nd.

It’s all good is said to have a “modern R&B sound that is relaxed and warm and packed with groove”. Its lyrics touch on themes like the importance of accepting oneself and not conforming to the paths that others may try to set.

The song was used as the theme for “around 1/4”, an ABC TV drama that began airing in July, and which features FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE member Taiki Sato in his first ever starring role.

Links to download and stream It’s all good on various music platforms are available here.

FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE made their debut with the December 2018 single OVER DRIVE. From making music to presenting their own variety show on TV in Japan, they are active in multiple areas of the entertainment industry. In recent years, the members have been appearing in movies and theatre.

They held their first solo arena tour, FANTASTICS ARENA LIVE 2023 “HOP STEP JUMP”, between June and August this year. They are planning to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their debut on December 5th with the release of their third album.

It’s all good can be streamed below, followed by the music video for Tell Me, a song they released in August.

 Download or stream "It's all good"

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