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First Digital Single from Knosis

20/01/2023 2023-01-20 08:29:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Christine

First Digital Single from Knosis

The first digital single from ex-Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo's new project Knosis is out now, with an EP to follow on March 22nd.

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Ex-Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo's new project Knosis released its first digital single on January 18th.

Sei-Sai is said to be centered on metalcore, incorporating other genres that have influenced Ryo like industrial, hip-hop, black metal and death metal like a chimera. The track was produced by The Hideout Studios.

Links to download and stream Sei-Sai on various platforms are available here.

This song is the lead single from the project's debut EP, which is scheduled for release on March 22nd.

Knosis was founded in 2022. In addition to Ryo, it features contributions from Survive Said The Prophet vocalist Yosh and Daiki from Made in Me, with production by The Hideout Studios. Based on the concept that “knowledge is what gives us humanity”, Knosis is said to "express new possibilities of heavy music without being bound by the existing notion of a 'band'".

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