New Album from Raychell

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New Album from Raychell

RAISE A SUILEN frontwoman Raychell will release her first solo album in five years on November 16th.

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RAISE A SUILEN frontwoman Raychell will release a new album on November 16th.

DON'T GIVE UP! is the singer and bassist’s first full-length release since she revived her solo career in early 2021. It will contain twelve tracks, including both title tracks from her comeback single Blast / MY WAY. The album’s own title track will receive a standalone digital release on October 26th.

The album also includes English and Japanese versions of All for Love, Raychell’s theme song for the mobile game “WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS”. It additionally features covers of dance-pop trio globe’s Anytime smokin' cigarette and Precious Memories.

Elsewhere, on November 30th, Raychell’s “BanG Dream!”-affiliated band RAISE A SUILEN will release their tenth single, THE WAY OF LIFE.

The English and Japanese versions of All for Love can be heard in the “WAR OF THE VISIONS” trailers below.


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