ComplianS Reveal "Funky Messiah" Music Video

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ComplianS Reveal "Funky Messiah" Music Video

With their debut album "GLOBAL COMPLIANCE" out on digital platforms worldwide today, funk rock duo ComplianS have also unveiled a music video for the song "Funky Messiah".

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As previously reported, ComplianS, a funk rock duo consisting of THEATRE BROOK frontman Taiji Sato and RIZE bassist KenKen, will release their debut album GLOBAL COMPLIANCE on CD on October 12th.

Ahead of the general physical release in stores, the album became available for pre-sale via their official website and hit digital platforms worldwide today.

Links to download and stream the release on various platforms are available here.

A music video for the song Funky Messiah was also just unveiled on YouTube.

In addition, the members of ComplianS have shared comments about the release:

Vocalist and guitarist Taiji Sato commented:

"Finally out!! Hot topic funk duo ComplianS new album GLOBAL COMPLIANCE... What do you think? It's a good title in a broad sense, isn't it? It's a good laugh that I and KenKen are ComplianS, isn’t it? I really think this kind of witty sense of humour is needed for Japanese people these days. KenKen and I hit it off immediately at our first meeting, so I don't remember at all which one was the first one actually. But I'm sure we started functioning with each other as partners when he played drums and bass on my solo album My Hero. Not so many people are in the same 'groove' when I play. So it was very natural for us to form a duo.

We, ComplianS, want to 'FUNK' properly. There aren't many people who can FUNK as much as possible. No one will complain if it's me and KenKen! We want to be the No.1 FUNK DUO!! We want you dance at live venues! Music, especially FUNK, can bring everyone together! 'No.1' is the most important motto for me and KenKen.

Come see us live and feel our motto!"

Bassist and vocalist KenKen commented:

"ComplianS is Shit!"

The music video for Funky Messiah can be viewed below, followed by a digest trailer for GLOBAL COMPLIANCE.

 Download or stream "GLOBAL COMPLIANCE"

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