New Mini-Album from Daisuke Ono

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New Mini-Album from Daisuke Ono

Singer and voice actor Daisuke Ono will release a new mini-album, featuring a duet with Reina Ueda, on October 19th.

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Daisuke Ono, a singer and voice actor known for roles such as Sebastian Michaelis in "Black Butler" and Jotaro Kujo in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", will release a new mini-album on October 19th.

Sounds of Love will contain 10 tracks: five songs, and "prologues" for each one read by Ono. The prologues were written by Michiko Aoyama, a novelist known for works such as "Cocoa on Thursday".

Included on the release will be DING DONG, a song that’s the product of his most recent collaboration with vocal group The Gospellers, as well as Mata Au Toki wa, a duet with singer and voice actress Reina Ueda that was written, composed and arranged by Kotringo. Ono and Ueda are labelmates and good friends.

Mata Au Toki wa (with Reina Ueda) was released as a preceding digital single on August 31st, and links to download and stream the song on various platforms are available here.

The song SUPER SHOCK features guest vocals from another voice actor and singer, Wataru Hatano, while another, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, wrote the lyrics and composed the music for Self Satisfaction.

The mini-album will be available in two editions: a CD-only regular edition and a limited edition that adds a bonus Blu-ray disc featuring the music video for Sounds of Love and behind the scenes footage.

Lyric videos for Mata Au Toki wa (with Reina Ueda), DING DONG and Sounds of Love can be viewed below.

 Download or stream “Mata Au Toki wa (with Reina Ueda)”

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