BEYOOOOONDS Announce New Album

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BEYOOOOONDS Announce New Album

Idol group BEYOOOOONDS announces their second album on the third anniversary of their major debut.

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Idol group BEYOOOOONDS has announced that they will release their second album on September 28th. The announcement came on August 7th, which marked the third anniversary of their major debut.

BEYOOOOO2NDS will contain two discs featuring 19 songs as well as five skits in-between tracks. The first disc, titled "Beyo Disc", contains music from their second and third singles as well as new, previously unreleased songs, such as Koshi Tanta Turn, Namida no Castanet and Only Lonely, which were revealed during BEYOOOOONDS' first concert tour Donto Koi! BE HAPPY! earlier this year.

The second disc, titled "Unit Disc", features music from the three sub-units of BEYOOOOONDS. Three of the six tracks are from their second single, while three are brand new songs.

The album will be sold in both a limited edition and regular edition.

The limited edition will come with a bonus Blu-ray disc that will feature a collection of music videos, including a new video for the song Koshi Tanta Turn. It will also contain a making-of video for Koshi Tanta Turn, unit dance practice videos and a jacket shooting making-of video.

At this time, it has been stated that online autograph and talk events are to be scheduled from early September on.

On the same day, a live Blu-ray and DVD of their first show at Nippon Budokan, titled BEYOOOOOND1St CONCERT TOUR Donto Koi! BE HAPPY! at BUDOOOOOKAN!!!!!!!!!!!!, will also go on sale.

BEYOOOOONDS is a 12-member unit that operates as part of Hello! Project. The members perform various songs and skits throughout their shows, often with unique or comedic themes. In addition to the main group BEYOOOOONDS, the members also split into three sub-units with their own themes and music.

CHICA#TETSU, led by BEYOOOOONDS leader Reina Ichioka, consists of four members. She is joined by Rika Shimakura, Shiori Nishida and Saya Eguchi. The unit performs cute and girlish love songs set at train stations, as a reference to Ichioka's love of trains.

Ame no Mori Kawa Umi, sometimes referred to as RFRO, consists of five members. Led by Kurumi Takase, it features Kokoro Maeda, Yuhane Yamazaki, Minami Okamura and Momohime Kiyono. The unit performs cool, strong-sounding songs in contrast to the cute style of CHICA#TETSU.

The final sub-unit SeasoningS consists of three members. The leader Miyo Hirai is joined by Honaka Kobayashi and Utano Satoyoshi. The experimental group has been described as stylish, and it makes use of both Kobayashi's piano prowess and Hirai and Satoyoshi's dance skills.

The announcement video for the album can be viewed below.


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