INTERSECTION Announces Indefinite Hiatus

14/05/2022 2022-05-14 01:24:00 JaME Source: Official Twitter Author: Christine

INTERSECTION Announces Indefinite Hiatus

Japanese-American boyband INTERSECTION has gone on indefinite hiatus, and William Aoyama and Kazuma Mitchell have left avex Management.

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Japanese-American boyband INTERSECTION announced today that they have entered an indefinite hiatus.

In a message posted in English, Japanese and Chinese, it was revealed that the decision officially took effect on March 31st, 2022.

In January 2021, the group paused activities as three of its four members ventured to China to take part in "CHUANG2021", a boy group audition show where they competed for spots in a limited-time international boyband. As group member Mika Hashizume was selected to join the final unit, INTO1, INTERSECTION did not resume activities afterwards and the remaining members focused their attention on solo work instead.

The announcement also noted that group members William Aoyama and Kazuma Mitchell have decided to leave avex Management, terminating their exclusive contracts. It stated that they will continue to work on music while focusing on their studies. However, Caelan Moriarty and Mika will continue their activities with avex.

The statement thanked all the group's fans for their support and apologized for the sudden announcement. It asked them to continue loving the group's music and supporting the members' future activities.

INTERSECTION's music video for 2019's You're the Reason can be viewed below, followed by the MVs for solo singles from Caelan and Kazuma and INTO1's INTO THE FIRE.

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