Suga Shikao's 25th Anniversary Album

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Suga Shikao's 25th Anniversary Album

Singer-songwriter Suga Shikao will release a new "Sugarless" album to kick off his 25th anniversary celebrations on December 22nd.

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Singer-songwriter Suga Shikao will release a new album on December 22nd.

As the title suggests, Sugarless III is the third instalment in his Sugarless series, which he has released in 10-year intervals since the first came out in 2001. The release will kick off his 25th anniversary celebrations.

The album will feature 12 tracks, including four new songs, previously released tie-up songs that were not featured on albums such as TWILIGHT★TWILIGHT and Boku no machi ni asobi ni kite yo, and self-covers of three songs he wrote for other artists: Little Glee Monster's Hikaru Kakera, KAT-TUN's Real Face and kokua's Progress. Suga gathered the members of kokua to re-record the music for the cover of Progress. While he wrote the lyrics for Real Face, the music was composed by B'z guitarist Matsumoto Tak, who also returned to produce the new arrangement of the song created for this release.

The album will be available in two editions: a CD-only regular edition and a limited edition that will add a Blu-ray disc with a music video and making-of footage for the cover of Progress and a book titled Sugarless Ⅲ Music Recording Book.

A teaser for the release and the MV for TWILIGHT★TWILIGHT can be viewed below.


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