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New Digital Single from One Eye Closed

24/10/2021 2021-10-24 21:55:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Ruchesko

New Digital Single from One Eye Closed

Tokyo-based rock band One Eye Closed's new Halloween-themed single is available to download and stream worldwide, courtesy of JPU Records.

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Tokyo-based rock band One Eye Closed recently released a new digital single to usher in Halloween.

BLOOD RAIN has landed on streaming services worldwide, courtesy of JPU Records. Its release was accompanied by a suitably dark music video which mixes elements of pop, visual kei and slasher cinema themes. It can be watched below, and the song can be downloaded here.

BLOOD RAIN is led by an artificial, tense release-cut piano,” explains One Eye Closed's guitarist and lead composer none. “It’s our most pop and catchy track to date. I hope you can bop along to this new work combining modern J-rock spirit with the style of One Eye Closed."

“Lyrically, I approached this song as a dark sequel to our track Never Forget,” states vocalist and lyricist REI. “We were thinking what we can do for Halloween, and I thought ‘I wonder what would happen if the character we made in Never Forget turned psychotic'. The track may sound pop but the content is anything but!”

 Download and stream "BLOOD RAIN"

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