THE FIRST Contestants Release New Version of "To The First"

19/07/2021 2021-07-19 06:36:00 JaME Source: BMSG's Twitter Author: Christine

THE FIRST Contestants Release New Version of "To The First"

The top 11 contestants from SKY-HI's boy group audition "THE FIRST" have released a new version of the show's theme song "To The First".

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As previously reported, SKY-HI's boy group audition show "THE FIRST" is currently broadcasting its 4th stage, a month-long training camp held near Yamanaka Lake that saw the top 15 contestants polish their skills and tackle three separate challenges.

The first one assessed their creativity, splitting the boys into groups of five and asking them to each work together to create and perform an original song. Using the same base track, they were responsible for coming up with all of their own lyrics, vocal melodies and choreography.

The second challenged the 12 who passed that round to elevate their performance skills to a professional level. They were split into two competing teams of six and asked to perform new original songs created for them by SKY-HI and other producers, and also to formally record studio vocals for them.

Last week, the third challenge pitted the 11 remaining contestants against a professional artist: SKY-HI himself. They were asked to perform To The First, his theme song for the show, and to put their own unique stamp on the track. The contestants were tasked with dividing up the vocal parts and creating their own choreography. They also recorded vocals for a new version of the song, which was released digitally worldwide today.

Links to download and stream their version of To The First are available here.

On July 16th, the boys' performance of To The First was broadcast on Hulu and Sukkiri. The choreography was created primarily by Sota Shimao, a contestant who is also a world championship-winning dancer. It incorporates moves from each of the group performances that took place over the course of the training camp, capturing the boys' memories of their month living and working together.

This week, the results of the challenge will be announced and one contestant will be eliminated. The remaining 10 will then move on to the final stage of the audition, which will decide the members who will be making their debut in the new boy group.

The boys' live performance of To The First can be viewed below, followed by the music video for the original version of the song by SKY-HI. Turn on captions to watch either video with English subtitles.

 Download or stream the contestants' version of "To The First"

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