New Best-of Album from waterweed

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New Best-of Album from waterweed

Melodic hardcore band waterweed will release a new best-of album featuring "Deep inside", their ending theme for "Kingdom", on May 12th.

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Melodic hardcore band waterweed will release a new best-of album on May 12th.

Deep inside + Unknown best will feature 15 tracks, including Deep inside, which is an ending theme for the popular anime series "Kingdom".

When the latest season of "Kingdom" began broadcasting in Japan in April 2020 with Deep inside as its ending theme, waterweed had a number of plans to capitalize on the increased exposure the anime tie-up brought them. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their plans for live performances and releases had to be cancelled. The broadcast of "Kingdom" was also temporarily put on hold due to the effects of the pandemic, only resuming this spring.

During the pandemic, as a dedicated live band, waterweed have also been showing their support for Japan’s suffering live music venues. Through their "Pay For The Future Now" initiative, they sold tickets for a tour that will eventually be held after the pandemic ends, raising about 2.5 million yen (roughly 23,000 USD) in advance ticket sales for 22 music venues around Japan.

Links to download and stream Deep inside + Unknown best on various digital platforms are available here. (Please note that the links will not become available until it is officially May 12th in your timezone.)

A music video for Deep inside has also been revealed on YouTube:

 Download or stream "Deep inside + Unknown best"

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