THE GALLO Announces Physical Release of "Kyokutou kaizokudan -kamui-"

06/05/2021 2021-05-06 18:07:00 JaME Source: OHP & Official Twitter Author: Christine

THE GALLO Announces Physical Release of "Kyokutou kaizokudan -kamui-"

Visual kei band THE GALLO's single "Kyokutou kaizokudan -kamui-" will be released on CD on May 12th, and a new MV for the title song has been revealed on YouTube.

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While it's been nearly a year since visual kei band THE GALLO's single Kyokutou kaizokudan -kamui- was released on digital platforms, the band recently announced that the single will also be getting a CD release on May 12th.

In addition, THE GALLO have revealed a new music video for the title song. On top of the band's five regular members, the video features three guests from the visual kei scene playing the roles of their pirate brethren. The guests include Roman Kyuukou guitarist TφRU on mandolin, Manjirou Ogawa of Ogawaya (formerly the bassist of Minus Jin-Say Orchestra) on accordion and ensoku guitarist Joe on bagpipes.

The MV for Kyokutou kaizokudan -kamui- can be viewed below.

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