New Album from Aoiro-Ichigo

27/03/2021 2021-03-27 11:00:00 JaME Source: OHP Author: Ruchesko

New Album from Aoiro-Ichigo

The guest-laden first album from ex-ZETTAI CLUB bassist Ichinose's solo project Aoiro-Ichigo drops on May 26th.

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Aoiro-Ichigo, the solo project of ex-ZETTAI CLUB bassist Ichinose, will release its first album on May 26th.

Some Blue will contain ten tracks, including both songs from the project's debut single Shisakuhin B.B.. The album features guest vocals by ex-Aldious frontwoman RAMI, Ichinose's Garden of the Lilium bandmate Yuri, Octaviagrace's Miki, THE HEANA CAT's Hi-chan, Zig+Zag's K~, ALICETOPIA's Minami Maria, and My Complex Of Academy's Maiko.

Elsewhere, A SLEEP WALKER features an appearance by ex-ANIMETAL bassist MASAKI. Most of the album's guitar work is performed by atsusix, Aoiro-Ichigo's principal support guitarist.

A preview of Some Blue can be heard below.


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