V6 to Disband

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V6 to Disband

Veteran Johnny's group V6 will disband on November 1st. Morita Go will leave Johnny's on the same day.

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After a flurry of activity in celebration of their 25th anniversary last year, veteran Johnny's boyband V6 suddenly announced today that they will be disbanding on November 1st.

The group announced their decision via a message on their agency's official website. It was stated that, during their anniversary celebrations, now that all of the members are over the age of 40, they had a lot of discussions about their future. During these talks, Morita Go mentioned that he wanted to challenge himself to pursue an acting career outside of Johnny's. That statement encouraged the other members to begin thinking about new challenges and next steps they could take in their careers as well. In the end, they all decided to respect Morita's decision, and that the group would not be the same without the same six members, so it was best to disband rather than continue on without him.

On November 1st, Morita will leave Johnny's, and the group's five other members, Sakamoto Masayuki, Nagano Hiroshi, Inohara Yoshihiko, Miyake Ken and Okada Junichi will continue their activities individually with the agency. In addition, it was revealed that the sub-unit 20th Century (consisting of the three eldest members Sakamoto, Nagano and Inohara) will continue to exist, while the three younger members' unit Coming Century will officially cease activities with V6's disbandment due to Morita's departure.

V6 has consisted of the same six members since they made their CD debut in 1995 with the single MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE. Over the years, they have contributed a number of theme songs to popular anime series, with notable examples including Super Powers for "One Piece" and Change the World for "Inuyasha". In addition to their music activities, the group's members have been active in a wide range of other fields, including drama and film acting, stage plays, hosting variety television programs, and more.

In 2020, a large selection of the group's full music videos, concert footage and various other contents were uploaded to avex's YouTube channel. Fans can take a walk down memory lane by checking out the official "V6 - since1995" playlist here.

Videos for 2019's Right Now, 2003's Darling and 1995's MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE can be viewed below.

 Check out the "V6 - since1995" YouTube playlist

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