New Single from BALLISTIK BOYZ

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New Single from BALLISTIK BOYZ

Dance-vocal group BALLISTIK BOYZ released their new single "Animal" digitally today, and it will be hitting stores on CD on February 3rd.

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Dance-vocal group BALLISTIK BOYZ will release a new CD single on February 3rd.

The single's title track Animal and the B-sides Life Is Party and HIGHWAY just got a preceding digital release today. Animal was produced by DJ and producer Cory Enemy, who has previously worked on music for artists such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen. It is said to be an R&B song with a minimalist beat and multiple layers of rich vocals and rap from the group's seven members, as well as playful samples such as coins spinning on a desk.

Links to download and stream Animal on popular music platforms are available here

The physical single will be available in two editions. Both will feature seven tracks: the title song, Life Is Party, HIGHWAY, the BALLISTIK BOYZ version of WAY TO THE GLORY and instrumental versions of the first three tracks. The regular edition will be CD-only, while the limited edition will add a bonus DVD with the music video for Animal and footage of five songs from the group's performance at a-nation online 2020.

The music video for Animal will premiere on February 1st at 19:00 (JST). Fans looking forward to the new MV can set a reminder below:

Formed in April 2018, BALLISTIK BOYZ was the first-ever LDH unit in which every member sings, and it is described as a "global standard" boy group. With this in mind, the members have set their sights on one major goal: a global stadium tour.

While they are based in Japan, they have toured Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, and many of the members have experience speaking a second language. Three members lived together in New York for three years to brush up on their English skills, while another began his road to fluency in Chinese by teaching himself, and another member has a Brazilian mother and speaks fluent Portuguese.
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