New Mini-Album from Wirbelwind

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New Mini-Album from Wirbelwind

Melodic death metal band Wirbelwind's first mini-album drops on March 3rd.

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Melodic death metal band Wirbelwind will release a new mini-album on March 3rd.

Time To Realize will contain five songs, mixed and mastered by Matias Kupiainen of Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. Kupiainen also contributed a guitar solo, as did Italian guitarist Andrea K. Cappellari of SkeleToon fame. Meanwhile, GYZE bassist Aruta performs backing vocals on the mini-album.

Wirbelwind was formed in 2017 by Rakshasa guitarist KIKKA and Finisaporia vocalist KAZU. Their debut album Noble Catastrophe, released in July 2019, featured a guest appearance by Swedish death metal vocalist Bjorn "Speed" Strid.

The lyric video for Once In A While feat. Björn Strid can be watched below, alongside their live cover of Silent Night, Bodom Night by Children of Bodom.


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