New Singles from CHOKE

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New Singles from CHOKE

Rap metal/visual kei band CHOKE's latest singles "No problem at all" and "The Human Anthem" are now available for download and streaming.

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Rap metal/visual kei band CHOKE just released their first single No problem at all digitally on June 5th, and they surprised fans once again a few days ago with a second titled The Human Anthem.

CHOKE was formed in the Tokyo underground scene in 2017. Their line-up consists of REON on vocals, KVYA NONO on guitar and B5 on bass. Although their music has its roots in metalcore and trap, CHOKE don't stick exclusively to these genres - they also experiment with elements from genres such as thrash, groove metal, deathcore and electronic rock, aiming to break away from established patterns. While they released two albums titled CHOKE1 and CHOKE2 via their online store, No problem at all was their first work to be released on major digital stores and streaming services.

No problem at all is also their first work to feature Toshiya Sato, their new support drummer. The song starts with trap beats and flows through different genres. It is said to be a call for people to use their own judgment and not just accept all the easily-accessible information around them without question.

In addition to the regular digital release, there is a limited edition of the single available on CHOKE's online store that includes an additional song composed by vocalist REON called Shut the F*ck Up and Die feat.REON.

The Human Anthem was released on September 11th, just three months after No problem at all. It is said to be CHOKE's fastest song ever, with rapid skank beats, dense bass lines, speedy guitar licks and symphonic choirs. The track is said to highlight the misery of not living freely - of how society suffocates people and forces them to kill their spirits to fit into its molds.

There is also a limited edition of the single available via CHOKE's online store that includes a second song called Amyotrophic, as well as instrumental tracks, high quality audio files and lyric transcriptions.

In addition, the band recently uploaded their Pizza and Cola concert, which fans can watch on YouTube for a limited time. Video and audio of the concert can also be purchased from the band's online store.

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