First Live Album from SUGIZO

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First Live Album from SUGIZO

SUGIZO will put out his first solo live album on September 30th, and he is planning his first-ever solo streaming concert to commemorate its release.

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LUNA SEA guitarist SUGIZO will release his first solo live album on September 30th.

Titled LIVE IN TOKYO, it will be a two-disc set containing all the songs performed at his SUGIZO HALF CENTURY ANNIVERSARY FES.~ held in 2019. While four of these songs were previously released on July 8th, as part of his birthday celebrations, this new release includes all 20 songs, including the sessions with Kyo from DIR EN GREY, TERU and TAKURO from GLAY, Kiyoharu and more.

The album's title is an homage to British post-punk band Public Image Ltd's live album LIVE IN TOKYO, a release SUGIZO avidly listened to in his youth. PiL's LIVE IN TOKYO album was also recorded at Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo, the same venue where SUGIZO held his HALF CENTURY ANNIVERSARY FES..

In addition to the double disc regular edition, a deluxe edition featuring a Blu-ray disc with live videos of eight tracks selected from the two-day performance and a special booklet containing photos and a long interview will be available to purchase early for members of SUGIZO's official fan club SOUL'S MATE. Shipping is scheduled to begin on September 16th. The deluxe edition will also become available through HMV & Loppi on September 30th. (Overseas shipping will be available through HMV.) Fans can visit this  special site for more information on the live album. 

To commemorate the release, SUGIZO has also announced that he will be holding his first-ever solo streaming concert. Further details on the show will be revealed soon.
 LIVE IN TOKYO - Special Site

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