Debut Album from Shoujo S

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Debut Album from Shoujo S

The first album from visual rock songstress SATOKI's solo project Shoujo S drops on April 29th.

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Shoujo S, the solo project of visual rock songstress SATOKI, will release its first album on April 29th.

PARANOIA will contain twelve songs in a style SATOKI has dubbed "paranoid sound". Two weeks before the album goes on sale, a pre-release event will be held at Kichijoji Crescendo on April 14th. Her backing band will include ex-GANGLION drummer vivi.

SATOKI previously fronted the visual rock band Hyakumonogatari. Formed in early 2017, the quartet has been on hiatus since October 2018, a few months before Shoujo S's live debut.

An excerpt of the music video for PARANOIA's title track can be watched below, as well as a preview of the full album.


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