Asakawa Hiro Leaves LEGO BIG MORL

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Asakawa Hiro Leaves LEGO BIG MORL

Drummer Asakawa Hiro announced his departure from LEGO BIG MORL today.

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Drummer Asakawa Hiro announced his departure from rock band LEGO BIG MORL today.

In a message on the band's official website, Asakawa stated that he has nothing but gratitude for his experiences as a member of LEGO BIG MORL, but that he now wants to try living life outside of the music industry. He mentioned that he is grateful that the three remaining members respected his decision, and that it struck him many times over the years how wonderful it was to watch the scenery the three of them created onstage from behind his drum kit.

LEGO BIG MORL was formed in 2006 by Asakawa, frontman Kanata Takehiro, guitarist Tanaka Hiroki and bassist Yamamoto Shintarou. This is the first time in the band's history that any of the members have changed or withdrawn.

The remaining members of LEGO BIG MORL apologized for the sudden announcement, stating that while they wanted to continue performing together with Asakawa, rather than being sad or taking a break, they would like to continue activities as usual. They will play the shows they currently have booked with a support drummer, and they will hold one of their Thanksgiving two-man events with a currently unspecified guest band at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO on November 8th.

The video for Tada soko ni aru from LEGO BIG MORL's April album KEITH can be viewed below.


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