New Idol Unit Sprinkle to Debut

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New Idol Unit Sprinkle to Debut

A new idol unit called Sprinkle will make their debut in September.

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FTL Entertainment recently introduced a new idol unit. The three-member group Sprinkle consists of Sweet (Maron Noduki), Bitter (Nanami Noduki) and Spice (Yuzuki Araragi).

The trio will make their official performance debut at an event called LIVE.EXE 2019 1st that will be held at Shinjuku SUNFACE on September 6th. Other performances at this show will include the VA idol unit Little Sisters and Mao Nakamura. Keita 'Corey' Takanashi's project Iced Blade, which will be performing anime-inspired symphonic metal with Manami Kouzuki on vocals, has been confirmed to make a guest appearance.

Sprinkle's first music video was filmed for a song called You Say Sprinkle!. Additional information about the group will be revealed before September via sources such as FTL Entertainment's niconico channel. The company has stated that Sprinkle will aim to reach a global audience, sharing not just their music but also FTL Entertainment's other content.

The video for You Say Sprinkle! can be viewed below.


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