New Album from SPITZ

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New Album from SPITZ

SPITZ will release a new album on October 9th.

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Pop rock band SPITZ will release a new album on October 9th.

Mikke will be the band's first new album in about three years, following July 2016's Samenai. It will be available in six editions.

The two limited editions will come with either a bonus DVD or Blu-ray disc featuring music videos for Arigatosan, Mikke and their June single Yasashii ano ko, as well as an approximately 20 minute offshot movie filmed in France. There will also be a CD-only regular edition, an analogue edition and two types available exclusively to members of their fan club Spitzbergen.

The album will contain 12 tracks, including Yasashii ano ko. All of the versions except for the regular edition will also feature the song Blanket as a bonus 13th track.

The video for Yasashii ano ko can be viewed below.


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