PIKOTARO Releases New Single for Fathers' Day

16/06/2019 2019-06-16 15:59:00 JaME 1242 views Source: Press Release Author: Silverfaye

PIKOTARO has posted a new song "PPAPA (Perfect PAPA)" on his YouTube channel.

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PIKOTARO, whose hit song PPAP has been viewed worldwide 500 million times on YouTube and played 350 million times on TikTok, has posted a new song PPAPA (Perfect PAPA) on his YouTube channel.

This song is a parody of Kanpaku Sengen, a song released in Japan about 40 years ago and still widely recognized today. The singer-songwriter of this song, Masashi Sada, is a national star loved by men and women of all ages. PIKOTARO parodied it as a Fathers' Day song about the feelings of a baby from inside his/her mother. It also features English lyrics translated by interpreter Miho Hashimoto.

The music video was posted along with the song portraying PIKOTARO as a sweetly singing unborn baby. With simple sets, the staging of umbilical cord and light comes on gradually, showing PIKOTARO’s attention to details.

Since Kosaka Daimaou, PIKOTARO’s producer, had his first child last June, this song is based on personal experience. PIKOTARO commented, "Kosaka suddenly brought me this incredible song that he created. More than anything, that great piece of work by Masashi Sada?! It’s the longest song of my career, it’s over six minutes long! And, Miho Hashimoto’s translation! What a big event Pi! Masashi Sada’s special, one of a kind song… I will do my best introducing it to the world, Piko! I will put my heart into singing this song, Piyo!"


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