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WANIMA will release a new single featuring the theme for "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" on July 17th.

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Pop punk band WANIMA will release a new single on July 17th.

It will be titled Summer Trap!!, and it will contain four tracks. It has been confirmed that one will be Natsu no dokoka e, which was used in a commercial for Mitsuya Cider. Recently, it was revealed that one of the other tracks, GONG, will be used as the theme song for the upcoming "One Piece" film "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE", which will begin screening on August 9th.

In a comment about the theme, producer Kei Kajimoto stated that when he heard WANIMA's song TRACE, its melody, lyrics and vocals all reminded him of "One Piece", and ever since he has been confident that they would be a good choice for the franchise. He also believed that since WANIMA are from Kumamoto, the same city as "One Piece" creator Eiichiro Oda, they must be fans. When he asked to confirm his theory, they replied back saying that all three members love the series and were eagerly awaiting a chance to contribute, so he happily made them a formal offer.

The video for TRACE can be viewed below, followed by the MV for Nagisa no utakata from WANIMA's previous single, Good Job!!, which was just released in March.


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