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A young rapper, Tohji has set himself apart from the pack with a unique swagger and incredibly energetic performances that inspire his fans to jump and shout every word of his songs along with him. Taking his cue from the DIY spirit of “Soundcloud rap”, he started producing his own tracks in 2017 and as his following started to grow, he began throwing his own parties featuring live rapping and DJ sets.

His ability to connect with the youth of Tokyo and his sometimes silly, sometimes almost surreal aesthetic have quickly attracted the attention of well-known artists and producers, most notably MURVSAKI, who has produced tracks for stars such as KOHH and BAD HOP, and who produced many of the songs on Tohji’s first mixtape angel.

Tohji is also part of Mall Boyz, a group he formed with fellow rapper gummyboy in 2018. Their tracks typically have a brighter and more playful sound than the darker beats and oftentimes more personal lyrics that characterize his solo work.


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Tohji and Ill Japonia to Perform in London © Tohji. All rights reserved.


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