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Tokyo Jihen


Tokyo Jihen
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Vocal, Guitar, Bass
Sheena Ringo
Kameda Seiji
Hata Toshiki
Piano, Keyboard
Izawa Ichiyō
(2004 ~ 2005) Piano, Keyboard
Hiizumimasayu-KI (H ZETT M) (ex-member)
(2004 ~ 2005) Guitar
Hirama Mikio (ex-member)
Tokyo Jihen is a band formed by the popular rock singer Sheena Ringo. While their sound is similar to that of her solo work, Tokyo Jihen’s music offers an even greater range of possibilities for her unique voice and compositions. Although their eclectic sound may be a shock next to more traditional rock bands, Tokyo Jihen continue to maintain a strong fanbase and frequently place well on the Oricon charts.

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Oricon 2020 Week 16

Oricon 2020 Week 16

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New EP from Tokyo Jihen

Tokyo Jihen have revealed a music video for "Eien no Fuzai Shoumei", a track that will be featured on their new EP scheduled for release on April 8th.

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Tokyo Jihen Announce Reunion

Tokyo Jihen, a rock band led by Ringo Sheena, has reunited and released a new single.

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Staff Picks #3: Energy

A playlist created by our English team to get you fired up as the temperature starts to rise.

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Tokyo Jihen
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Tokyo Jihen