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Interview with DIMLIM

18/03/2020 2020-03-18 23:00:00 JaME Author: Lucy C.H., Christine, Wicky Translator: Sophie

Interview with DIMLIM

Rock band DIMLIM talk about their newest album, overseas ambitions and human nature.


Rock band DIMLIM is aiming to break new ground internationally with the release of their second full-length album MISC. through several digital platforms. With this goal in mind, DIMLIM just announced earlier this year that they would be heading to Latin America and Russia this spring. However, unfortunately, the Latin America concerts have since been postponed to September due to coronavirus-related concerns, and whether the Russian show will be postponed or simply cancelled outright is currently unknown.

JaME interviewed the band in happier times last month, when the shows were still intended to take place in March and April, and the band took some time to share a little about their newest album MISC., as well as some thoughts about human nature and their evolving sound.

Since this is DIMLIM's first interview with JaME, could you please introduce yourselves?

sho: I'm the vocalist, sho.

retsu: I'm the guitarist, retsu.

Hiroshi: I'm the drummer, Hiroshi.

What is the meaning behind your band’s name?

sho: I think retsu will answer this one for us.

retsu: “DIM” has the meaning of gloomy darkness and “LIM” is a cog. It's not that we are always under the spotlight but when something is, you wonder if that glittering thing is the real deal. That's what we spoke about when it came to our name.

You just released your second album MISC. on January 28th. With this release, you’ve stated that you’d like to express the concept of human nature through your music. What is human nature to you and what aspects of it do you think are worth conveying through music?

sho: If you read into the songs we've released this time, something will be applicable to someone out there. For example, not understanding the energy behind worshipping people that don't deserve praise or being scared of failure, so you end up becoming very conservative and standing still rather than moving forward. Or people being unable to see themselves from an objective point of view, being swept along by the people around them and not questioning that.

There is so much more I could say but I'll end it there, but our songs aren't limited to just Japan and appeal to lots of different people. We kind of refuse to set the appeal ourselves but we think that each person will be able to decide the value of DIMLIM's lyrics for themselves. I think they are all of value.

retsu: Please read the lyrics.

Hiroshi: sho has said everything I want to say. Make sure you really delve into the lyrics.

Why did you decide to call your new album MISC.?

sho: The image we had was of taking the essence from many places and using them, so we gave it the name 'miscellaneous'. Then we made it stylish by making it MISC.

Your vibe used to be a lot heavier in your previous album. What made you choose to adopt a lighter, more melodic style?

sho: There have been huge changes to the way we see songs. It's kind of like whilst constantly saying amongst ourselves that unnecessary things are unnecessary, we cut out the bits that should be cut. It's also because I think the first thing you hear are the vocals.

retsu: It's also boring if things are trending. We think that DIMLIM is its own musical genre, so we do whatever we want to do. Actually, things like no shouts or breakdowns are not necessary to us right now, so we aren't doing them at the moment.

Hiroshi: We wanted the vocals to be delivered first and foremost, so we reduced the amount of drumming from how it was before. Right now, we have yet a different approach, so I think that even if the musicians themselves listen to it, it's still interesting.

You will be performing in Latin America in September and also possibly in Russia. How do you think your foreign fans will react? Do you think it will be different from your Japanese audiences?

sho: I think music, and other areas, are more advanced overseas. Because of that, if I'm honest, I really want audiences overseas to appreciate our music. Of course, I want the same thing in Japan too. Also, we don't often understand the language, so I think that people often take our passion and have a reaction greater than in Japan to "not be swept along by the masses" without hesitation.

retsu: I think overseas fans are better acquainted with music. Music is really a life work for us, but I think there are too many people in Japan who comment like experts while they are actually not. I understand that's just how it goes, but I want to say why not enjoy music more, or try to play some music yourself?

Hiroshi: Musicality differs from country to country, but I don’t think there is much of a difference in reaction. However, I think that a lot of people there will be seeing us for the first time, so we should be able to see their honest and open reactions.

Do you plan to tour the rest of Europe or the US as well? If not, which countries would you like to visit in the future?

sho: We don't know yet whether we will, but we definitely want to go to America and Europe.

retsu: I want to go to America.

Hiroshi: I want to go to Italy.

MISC. brought changes in your music and visuals, and the opening track We’ve changed.NOW IT’S YOUR TURN NEXT seems like a clear statement of this. Are you planning to continue experimenting with other styles? Which style would you like to try?

sho: Until now, we have been able to really come to grips with how we do things our own way, so from now rather than being ‘us’, we want to come at it from a slightly different angle and to throw ourselves into something no one has seen from us before.

retsu: We’re going to make music that you guys can’t even imagine! We don’t intend on doing music that is already in your brain somewhere.

Hiroshi: We aren’t going to stop changing. We’re going to be seizing change in both hands and evolving.

Aside from shows in Latin America and Russia, what can your fans expect from DIMLIM in the future?

sho: Please ask our fans…

retsu: We'll give it our all!

Hiroshi: It's still a secret.

Finally, do you have any messages for JaME readers?

sho: I'm excited for the day we can meet!

retsu: Thank you for reading this interview. We will definitely meet!

Hiroshi: I love you.

JaME would like to thank DIMLIM for this interview opportunity.

DIMLIM were originally scheduled to perform in Chile and Brazil on March 28th and 29th respectively, but due to coronavirus-related concerns the shows have been postponed to September 5th and 6th. The show in Russia was scheduled to take place on April 26th, but as details on whether it will simply be cancelled or if it will also be rescheduled have not been revealed just yet, fans can keep an eye on the band's official Twitter account in the coming weeks for more updates.

 DIMLIM - Official Twitter

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