Interview with IRON ATTACK!

14/08/2016 2016-08-14 00:01:00 JaME Author: Ruchesko

Interview with IRON ATTACK!

Ahead of Anidoujin Music Fest, IRON-CHINO and company discuss the year so far.

IRON ATTACK! played its first live show in mainland China this year. How did it go?

IRON-CHINO: You know me very well. I'm really honored. Iron Maiden also played live for the first time in China this year, too. China is a very beautiful country, and its economy is growing day by day. I guess China might be able to be the most important market for us all in the near future.

How was the Shanghai audience compared to a Tokyo audience?

IRON-CHINO: I felt they still haven't gotten used to rock concerts, but they accepted us warmly. Unexpectedly, we were able to communicate in English.

You released your first original album SANGOKU ATTACK! earlier this year. Why now?

IRON-CHINO: I have another band, LIGHTNING, but IRON ATTACK! has a different personality. I wanted to express it with original heavy metal.

SANGOKU ATTACK! is inspired by the Chinese epic ‘Romance of Three Kingdoms.’ What can you tell us about the album’s concept?

IRON-CHINO: The main character of SANGOKU ATTACK! is Ryubi (Liu Bei). He was king of the one of the three kingdoms. He was a very passionate man and also had great humanity. I thought it was perfect material for melodic metal – there was no way I couldn’t make it!

Will you perform any original songs at Anidoujin Music Fest?

IRON-CHINO: I don't know yet, but I’ll possibly play mostly “Touhou” songs and anisong covers.

Your band officially became a sextet last year. How did your guitarist Kira and bassist Saka-than become part of IRON ATTACK!?

IRON-CHINO: It was destiny! I was introduced to Saka-than through EIZO Sakamoto. Saka-than has won a lot of awards in many contests, so he was very famous. As for Kira, he was a member in Yuma’s band Flash Back Vision, so Yuma introduced me.

Gensui, you’re the newest member of IRON ATTACK!. How did you join? Can you tell us about your experiences in Switzerland?

Gensui: Saka-than told me that IRON ATTACK!'s previous drummer had withdrawn, and gave me an offer to join the band. The trip to Switzerland was the first time I’d gone to a European country, so everything was impressive and unforgettable. The concert in Sion was really successful. There were so many people in the audience, and I felt a great sense of unity with them. After all, it was like a dream, playing drums in such a great environment. My experiences in Switzerland still give me a lot of confidence, courage, and power.

IRON, you're best known for your “Touhou Project” arrange albums, but since 2013 you have also recorded music based on “Kantai Collection.” Why?

IRON-CHINO: Because there is so much good material! “Kantai Collection” songs are really wicked – they have aroused my passion! The game’s World War II theme is also hot!

One of your “KanColle” arrange albums featured a song about the Takasago Volunteers. What inspired this?

IRON-CHINO: The Takasago Army were the strongest unit in Japan’s army, like the Gurkhas in Britain’s army. They possessed a strong sense of duty and kindness. I've been really inspired by them in making melodic metal.

On the cover of your live album WORLD TOUR, you included the green and white flag of the World Taiwanese Congress. Can you explain why?

IRON-CHINO: The Taiwanese flag that is generally accepted is Chiang Kai-shek's flag, but he is long gone now. Taiwan is not a part of China, Taiwan is already a democratic country. That is the meaning of the green and white flag.

Your frontwoman minusiyon’s vocal style isn’t a typical heavy metal singing style.

IRON-CHINO: No, but a female singer is not a substitute for a male singer. My chosen female singer doesn't always have to sing with a manly voice. Heavy metal music has two attractions, its power and sorrowful melodies. Softer female vocals help express these sorrowful melodies.

minusiyon, which vocalist has influenced you most?

minusiyon: My biggest inspiration is Momoi Haruko. She is my and IRON's ideal singer.

minusiyon, you often perform in “Touhou” cosplay. Do you make the costumes yourself, and will you be in cosplay at Anidoujin Music Fest?

minusiyon: Sometimes I make them, sometimes I arrange costumes which I bought. The Taiwanese audience might be able to see my “Touhou” cosplay!

IRON-CHINO and minusiyon, congratulations on reaching ABSOLUTE AREA’s tenth anniversary. How was the ABSOLUTE LEGACY live show?

IRON-CHINO: Thank you! ABSOLUTE LEGACY was a great show – it was very exciting! We're looking forward to playing our 11th anniversary!

Out of interest, does ABSOLUTE AREA’s name come from the term ‘zettai ryoukai’?

IRON-CHINO: Yes! “ABSOLUTE AREA” is ‘zettai ryoukai’, so minusiyon always wears knee-high socks onstage with the band.

You will release two new albums, Twilight Under World and Chichi no na no moto ni ~Takasago army2~ at Comiket 90 on August 13th. What are IRON ATTACK!’s plans for the rest of 2016?

IRON-CHINO: We will have a concert in a country that we've never been to before. There are many cities and countries we haven’t been to yet. We must go all over the world with our music! Also, I'm always looking for good singers. If you have a lot of confidence, please email me with your singing. The world is waiting for your talent!

Finally, do you have a message for JaME’s readers?

IRON-CHINO: As always, thank you for your support! We may appear at a convention in your city, so we can meet soon if you want!

JaME would like to thank IRON-CHINO for this interview opportunity.

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