YouTube 27/02/2020

MAKE MY DAY - Wake Up feat lo & Kagura

Metalcore band MAKE MY DAY have revealed a new MV for "Wake Up", which features a guest appearance from Io and Kagura of screaming idol unit Broken By The Scream. The song is featured on MAKE MY DAY's second full album "Mind Haven", which just hit stores on January 29th. -- In addition, both groups have announced that they'll be heading to Taiwan this May. MAKE MY DAY will perform at "HEARTTOWN ROCK FEST", which will be held from May 1st to 3rd. Broken By The Scream will perform at "Emerge fest", which will take place on May 9th and 10th.


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New Album from MAKE MY DAY

Post-hardcore band MAKE MY DAY will release a new album on January 29th, 2020.