Single from Hello!Project's Mobekimasu

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Single from Hello!Project's Mobekimasu

Hello!Project's Mobekimasu will release a single on November 16th

Hello!Project's Mobekimasu will release a single on November 16th.

The unit Mobekimasu, as well as its name, is made up of members from Morning Musume。 (Mo), Berryz Koubou (be), °C-ute (ki), Mano Erina (ma) and S/mileage (su). The single is titled Busu ni naranai tetsugaku and will be available in seven editions. The regular edition will come with just two tracks. The Type A will come with a bonus DVD and will be the Mobekimasu edition, while the other types will be CD-only, and each Hello!Project unit involved will have a different version of the single. Type B will be Morning Musume。, C will be Berryz Koubou, D will be °C-ute, E will be Mano Erina and F will be S/mileage. Further information on the exact track details are yet to be revealed.

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