Live Broadcast of D's Tour Final

28/08/2011 2011-08-28 13:27:00 JaME Source: Official Site Author: Mani Translator: Claire

Live Broadcast of D's Tour Final

D have announced that there will be a live broadcast of their tour final at at Akasaka BLITZ on August 31st

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Visual kei band D have just announced the broadcast of their tour final Torikago Goten ~L'Oiseau bleu~, which will be held on August 31st at Akasaka BLITZ.

The live will start at 18:00 JST, and will be available through USTREAM here. Until the live broadcast, the channel is currently showing the PV of Torikago Goten ~L'Oiseau bleu~ in a continous loop.

The times of D's live stream are as follows:

August 31st - 02:00 (Los Angeles) 
August 31st - 05:00 (New York) 
August 31st - 06:00 (Buenos Aires)
August 31st - 10:00 (London) 
August 31st - 11:00 (Paris) 
August 31st - 13:00 (Moscow)
August 31st - 18:00 (Tokyo)

In addition to this, D have just opened their official Facebook page, where fans can get news updates and information on the band.

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