Morning Musume。's Alias: Muten Musume

31/08/2010 2010-08-31 18:30:00 JaME 3108 views Source: Author: Cage Translator: Claire

Morning Musume。 will release Appare kaiten zushi under the alias Muten Musume

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Hello! Project group Morning Musume will release the song Appare kaiten zushi under the alias Muten Musume on October 27th.

Kansai-based sushi chain Muten Kura Sushi have recently caused an online debate due to their latest marketing campaign: a song performed by a mystery group which, it was revealed on August 28th, will be released on CD. The enigmatic female idol group Muten Musume has been formed in the hope of "broadening the culture of sushi worldwide".

With the release of the song, Japan wants to tell the world about one of its national prides: Food Culture. The concept was first introduced to the Muten Kura Sushi chain on August 13th in Osaka and with its up-tempo composition and simple lyrics, the song is suitable for both adult and child audiences alike. The project first formed earlier this year when Tsunku♂ was asked by the chain to produce a campaign song for their brand.