Various Visual Kei News

16/03/2009 2009-03-16 12:00:00 JaME Source: Official sites, Brand-x Author: Rast Translator: Kay (thanks to Kodou)

Various Visual Kei News

New releases from Lolita 23, DaizyStripper, C4 and Crocodile Vibration.

Lolita23 will release a new live DVD on April 8th titled TOUR'08 Garizm king world [Waga ichiban no sekai. The DVD will feature footage from their one-man concert held at Shibuya O-EAST on December 20th, with a total of 15 tracks, plus off-shot material.

Unfortunately, the release will only be sold through mail order and at live houses during their newest tour TOUR'09 [Marble_Shaking_Ward], which will start on the same day at OSAKA MUSE.

DaizyStripper announced the release of their long-awaited new single for June 3rd. Dearest will, besides the title track, also come with the B-side Jiiteki Showtime and will be followed by their second one-man tour - titled Beauty Brightness, it will start at Niigata CLUB JUNK BOX mini on July 31st and will end at LIQUIDROOM ebisu, in Tokyo, on August 28th. A sample for Dearest can already be heard on their official website.

C4, a visual kei group formed by TOKI (ex-Kill=slayd), SHUNSUKE (ex-JILS), REN (ex-Heaven's) and Tomoi (ex-Laputa), will release their first maxi-single on July 22nd.

-Crocodile Vibration- will come with a total of three songs: the title-track, Kumikyoku~forgetis Sky~LOVE TRACE (ballad ver.) and a live version of IGNITER, a song from their first mini-album Pylebanker.

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