DA PUMP: New Music from the 'New' Lineup

28/08/2006 2006-08-28 12:00:00 JaME 1570 views Source: Musicnet & Yahoo! Music Japan Author: Loic Translator: J

Since Shinobu officially left the hip hop boysband DA PUMP in April, the remaining three members haven't been very active. However, their fans will be happy to know that the new lineup of DA PUMP will be releasing their 'first' single on September 27th. It's entitled ALRIGHT! and it will be produced by Imai Daisuke, who also works with many artists like Koda Kumi and Chemistry. This new single will be available in two versions: the CD only version will cost 1100 yen while the CD+DVD set will cost 1890 yen and will contain the PV for the single's title track and it's making of.

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