Four times Lareine

21/08/2005 2005-08-21 12:00:00 JaME 1571 views Source: Brand X Author: Kay

Lareine is back from vacation with 4 new releases! On August 31st they will release two DVD's and two CD's.

The first release is the 'Kamijo in Vienna' DVD, which was recorded during the vocalist's solo-career in 2004. Unfortunately, this DVD will be very limited, as there'll only be 500 copies released.

Secondly they will release a live DVD called 'Live Document Film in TOKYO KINEMA CLUB', which as the title explains is a recording of their concert at the Tokyo Kinema Club.

'TOUR "Through a Deep Forest" 2005-original Sound Track' will be a CD with an unique concept. It will contain 9 'songs', which are SE songs (mostly instrumental tracks played as an intro to a concert) or solos of the members during their concerts of 2004.

Last but not least, there is the mini-album 'Reincarnation'. which will contain re-recordings and remixes of older songs.

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