News - Archives (2006/12)

Three New Releases from Megamasso © JaME


Three New Releases from Megamasso

Megamasso, ex Ayabie Ryouhei's new band, will be releasing a mini-album, live DVD and album in the early months of the new year.

Reeditions of Rouage's Albums © JaME


Reeditions of Rouage's Albums

Rouage will have several albums re-released.

New Ganshin Releases © JaME


New Ganshin Releases

Ganshin has announced to be releasing albums of 12012, D'espairsRay, Dir en grey, Kagerou and MUCC in Europe.

12012's XII Party © JaME


12012's XII Party

The band will release a live DVD called XII Party on February 21st.

Upcoming Releases and a Compilation © JaME


Upcoming Releases and a Compilation

New releases from Deflina Ma'riage, Wizard, Yoshinori Sugimoto and a compilation album from Cure.

Cannival Method to Disband © JaME


Cannival Method to Disband

Indie visual kei band Cannival Method will be disbanding after their live on December 26th.

Deathnote Tribute Album © JaME


Deathnote Tribute Album

Many artists will be joining forces to create a tribute album to the anime Death Note.