News - Archives (2004/05)

Kagrra's New Releases ©


Kagrra's New Releases

Kagrra will release the new maxi-single Rin and a live DVD on July 21st.

Re-Release of Despair'sRay's Born ©


Re-Release of Despair'sRay's Born

Despair'sRay is going to release a second version of Born.

New SUGIZO Project Coming Up © JaME


New SUGIZO Project Coming Up

He had already announced it at his last concert: SUGIZO is coming back with a new project called The FLARE.

FAKE? Loses Touch © JaME


FAKE? Loses Touch

FAKE? will release a third album in June.

YOSHIKI and GLAY Compose Songs for Theater and CM © JaME


YOSHIKI and GLAY Compose Songs for Theater and CM

YOSHIKI's song will be used for a theater show, and GLAY composed for a commercial.

Free Will's European Division © JaME


Free Will's European Division

The label Free Will will be bringing releases of Dir en grey, Baroque, Kagerou, Miyavi, Kagrra, Gazette and Kra to Europe.

BLOOD in Europe Again © cure


BLOOD in Europe Again

BLOOD will be return to Europe to perform a show in Poland.