New Digital Single from yamada gal zing

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New Digital Single from yamada gal zing

Rapper yamada gal zing's new single "Battou" is out on digital platforms worldwide now, and he also recently penned the lyrics for Buster Bros!!! member Jiro Yamada's solo track "Sunshine".

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Rapper yamada gal zing released a new digital single on July 6th.

Battou comes about two months after his previous single, ishikawa, a song about his hometown. In contrast to that track, Battou is said to be a song about nighttime in Tokyo. It's said that he wrote the song while thinking of memories of performing on the stage of Shibuya clubasia, a place he often visits and had long wished to perform. The track was mixed and mastered by rapper izolma, who he has collaborated with on a number of songs in the past.

Links to download and stream Battou on various music platforms are available here.

In addition, yamada gal zing was recently called upon to write the lyrics for Sunshine, "Hypnosis Mic" character Jiro Yamada's solo song from the latest Buster Bros!!! album, .Buster Bros!!!. The track was composed and arranged by AZ and D3adStock, and it is performed by Yamada's voice actor Haruki Ishiya. Released in June, .Buster Bros!!! is the first of seven albums scheduled for release over the coming months by the different "divisions" of "Hypnosis Mic". The next will be the Yokohama division's album, .MAD TRIGGER CREW, which will hit stores on July 24th.

Battou can be streamed below, followed by a trailer for Sunshine and live footage of minamo, a track from Revive, a collaboration mixtape yamada gal zing released with izolma and DJ Leisu last November.

 Download or stream "Battou"  Stream "Sunshine" on Spotify

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