New Digital Single from MAZZEL

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New Digital Single from MAZZEL

Dance-vocal group MAZZEL's latest single "Seaside Story" is out on digital platforms worldwide now.

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Dance-vocal group MAZZEL released a new digital single on July 5th.

Seaside Story was composed by ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo), Satoru Kurihara (Jazzin'park) and the group's producer, SKY-HI. SKY-HI also penned the lyrics.

Links to download and stream the song on various music platforms are available here.

This release comes just over a month after MAZZEL's previous single, Counterattack, which hit digital platforms on June 2nd.

The music videos for Seaside Story and Counterattack can be viewed below. Turn on captions to watch with English subtitles.

 Download or stream "Seaside Story"

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