New Single from D's ASAGI

24/06/2024 2024-06-24 14:15:00 JaME Source: BARKS Author: Ruchesko

New Single from D's ASAGI

D frontman ASAGI will release a new solo single, featuring Versailles's TERU and members of WagakkiBand, on August 7th.

© GOD CHILD RECORDS. All rights reserved.

© GOD CHILD RECORDS. All rights reserved.
D frontman ASAGI will release a new single on August 7th.

Kitsune hanabi marks the resumption of ASAGI's solo career, mere months after D went on indefinite hiatus following the band's 20th anniversary.

The single will be available in three versions. The regular edition will contain two unique bonus tracks, whereas both limited editions — exclusively available via God Child Records' webshop— share two bonus tracks of their own.

Kitsune hanabi will feature guitar work by La'cryma Christi's HIRO and Versailles's TERU, bass work by Matenrou Opera's Yo, and drumming by ASAGI's D bandmate HIROKI.

Traditional Japanese instrumentation is provided by WagakkiBand kotoist Kiyoshi Ibukuro and shamisenist Beni Ninagawa, and LUNA SEA drummer Shinya, who plays taiko drums on the single.

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