New Single from May'n

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New Single from May'n

Singer and voice actress May'n will release her 22nd single "Strobe Fantasy", featuring a collaboration with AliA's AYAME, on September 4th.

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Singer and voice actress May'n will release a new single on September 4th.

Strobe Fantasy's title track will serve as the ending theme song for the anime TV series "Mob kara hajimaru tansaku eiyutan". It marks the singer's second collaboration with singer-songwriter Kayoko Kusano, who composed the song and co-wrote the lyrics with May'n.

The B-side Winning Shot!! is a duet with AYAME, the frontwoman of rock band AliA. The song will feature on television coverage of high school baseball games in May'n's home prefecture of Aichi.

The single will also contain a second B-side, Pray, plus the bonus track Valkyrie no uta, which will appear as an insert song in "Mob kara hajimaru tansaku eiyutan".

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