New Single from Ikimono-gakari

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New Single from Ikimono-gakari

Pop-rock band Ikimono-gakari's 35th single, featuring their opening theme for "Mission: Yozakura Family", "Unmeichan", is out now.

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Pop-rock band Ikimono-gakari released a new single on May 22nd.

Unmeichan's title track is the opening theme song for the anime series "Mission: Yozakura Family". Aside from the title song, the single also includes its instrumental version and audio of performances of four tracks they recorded for YouTube channel THE FIRST TAKE: Blue Bird, TOKIMEKI, Kimagure Romantic and Kyoukara Kokokara.

Links to download and stream Unmeichan on various music platforms are available here

The single is available in three editions. The CD+Blu-ray limited edition adds footage of their Amazon Music Live: Ikimonogakari performance from October last year, as well as the music video for Unmeichan and behind the scenes footage from the MV shoot. The anime edition features a "Mission: Yozakura Family"-themed cover and a Blu-ray disc with a credit-free version of the series' opening video. The regular edition is CD-only.

Two videos for Unmeichan can be viewed below.

 Download or stream "Unmeichan"

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